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Squally Canada: BYU Football running back and rapper extraordinaire

Have you heard Squally Canada’s music yet?

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BYU v Arizona Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

“I just wanna ball.... ballout with my whole gang.” That’s a line from BYU RB Squally Canada’s song, “Ballout” and ballout he did Saturday night against Arizona. Canada, from Milpitas, CA, rushed for 98 yards on 24 carries and had a whopping three TDs in BYU’s 28-23 win over the Wildcats. ESPN Announcers Adam Amin and Rod Gilmore, were saying Canada’s name a lot, and before a couple of commercial breaks, they brought up and played some of Canada’s music.

Canada has been putting hip-hop/rap music on SoundCloud for more than six months, and even has an EP out. The EP has diverse songs on it with Canada rapping about topics from playing football, to the death of his cousin, to his loyalty to his family, and more. Something that BYU fans will appreciate — Canada keeps all of his music clean. He explained why in a tweet back in February saying, “I know I represent BYU because I’m a student athlete here.” He cites that as one reason he keeps his music clean, then goes on to explain that he’s speaking a lot of truth in his music, and based on our listen of the EP, we agree. The music is catchy and clearly meaningful to Canada.

As announcers said during the game broadcast, Canada does not make any money off of his music, because that would be an NCAA violation (SO NO ONE GO REPORTING HIM FOR ANYTHING). Amin and Gilmore said a music-making partner of Canada’s receives any money that may come along with Canada’s music. Canada confirmed this after the Arizona game Saturday, quote tweeting @fearthe_beard11’s tweet above, and saying, “Can’t make a single penny but enjoy the song!” Canada is a senior running back, so hopefully he’ll be making money off of his music soon enough — after many more TDs and yards for BYU.

Canada’s EP has about 8,000 listens on SoundCloud, but we know you can help him do better than that, Cougar Nation. Head over to to listen to all of Canada’s music, including his EP, “On My Way.” Leave a comment telling us which song is your favorite and why.