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Arizona to pay BYU $600,000 after taking loss

Thanks for the 600k, Arizona

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NCAA Football: Brigham Young at Arizona Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

Maybe BYU should do more of these guaranteed-payout games.

Guarantee payouts are a common practice for non-conference games, and the BYU-Arizona game was another one of those.

BYU got one million dollars from Nebraska in 2015 as part of the one-game series, and Arizona will have to pay BYU $600,000 in addition to taking the loss. USA Today compiled each of the week one guarantee payouts.

BYU-Arizona are in the midst of a 3-game series, with the 2016 game in Glendale, yesterday’s in Tucson and the 2021 game at the new Raiders stadium in Las Vegas. With the Wildcats having an extra home game, they presumably had to pay up to BYU as part of the agreement.

Not much of better way to start the season than beating a team on their home field and getting a fat pay check along with it.