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FIRST LOOK: BYU unveils renderings of LES renovation

Back on August 15, BYU announced that they would be making some minor renovations to LaVell Edwards Stadium and Friday we finally got to see what exactly it will look like.

In an updated press release BYU added a few renderings of what the new connected walkways between the four stands will look like (see below).

While the photos don’t reveal anything that will drastically change the aesthetic of the stadium, having one fully connected mezzanine level will improve the game day experience for those sitting in the upper levels. Before the renovation, fans would have to go to the ground level in order to move to another part of the stadium. This will allow fans easier access and freedom to move about the venue as they please.

This isn’t the big renovation project that some might be hoping for but it’s definitely an improvement. We can hope that this is the first of many changes that will be rolled out over the course of the next few years but this will have to suffice for now. The next requests would be to add chairs to every seat and the stadium and to improve the terrible sound system.

Construction on the project has already begun and is expected to be completed in time for the 2019 football season.