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#5 BYU women’s soccer beats St Mary’s 8-0

BYU Photo

#5 BYU women’s soccer added another eight goals to its already overwhelming goal tally as they thrashed St. Mary’s 8-0 on Friday night.

The Gaels never had a chance, as BYU pushed possession into the SMC box early and never let up. So high was the Cougar press that the Gaels didn’t connect more than two passes in BYU’s half for much of the first half.

The Cougars press would take longer than normal to find its opener, especially considering BYU has scored in the opening five minutes of their last two home games.

BYU would find the opener in the 27th minute through Cameron Tucker. The goal was enough to open the flood gates for the Cougars, who would then score three more goals in the half. Mikayla Colohan scored in the 31st minute, and Elise Flake scored less than a minute later in the 32nd minute. Ellie Maughan would add the fourth in the 43rd minute, and the Cougars took a 4-0 lead into halftime.

The second half was again all Cougars, with four more goals in the half. Flake got a brace with a second goal in the 52nd minute, and Colohan would get her own brace in the 59th minute.

With all starters removed, BYU’s bench would add two late goals through Ella Ballstaedt in the 89th minute, and Lytiana Akinaka less than a minute later in the 90th minute.

BYU sits atop the WCC Standings for the time being with 10 points, with Santa Clara and Gonzaga playing tomorrow. BYU plays at Portland on Wednesday night and will be back at South Field next Saturday to host San Diego. BYU moves to 13-0-1 on the season.