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BYU Football to play Dixie State in 2022

NCAA Football: Portland State at Brigham Young Jeff Swinger-USA TODAY Sports

BYU will play fellow independent Dixie State — albeit a FCS independent — in 2022. The St George university announced last month that they are moving from Division two to the FCS level beginning in 2020. BYU and Dixie State will play November 12, 2022 at Lavell Edwards Stadium. According to FBS Schedules, BYU will pay DSU a guarantee of $425,000.

With the announcement, BYU now has 11 of 12 games scheduled for the 2022 season. Here is how the schedule currently shapes up:

BYU still has one game to schedule, but that slate looks like a fun one with a mix of good Power 5 teams and a solid core of G5 teams. September is front loaded as usual, but BYU also plays a P5 team in October and November.

Too early to say how good Dixie State will be in 2022, but adding a new in-state team to the schedule seems like a good addition if you’re going to add a FCS school.