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BYU QB Zach Wilson recovering after shoulder surgery

BYU QB Zach Wilson says he’ll be out until summer with a shoulder injury.

NCAA Football: Potato Bowl-Brigham Young vs Western Michigan Brian Losness-USA TODAY Sports

If you’re really observant, you may have noticed that BYU QB Zach Wilson has been sporting a sling on his throwing arm lately. It had been popping up in various photos around the Internet, but became even more obvious after Wilson showed up with some of the football team and coaches at the BYU basketball game Saturday, where he addressed the crowd at halftime.

So what’s wrong with QB1? He had what he’s saying is a pretty minor shoulder surgery. Wilson spoke with BYUtv’s Lauren McClain at the game and BYU Sports Nation tweeted this clip Wednesday night:

The key takeaways from the video are these: The shoulder problem is not new. Wilson says it’s something that has been a issue since high school and he wanted to take care of it before the upcoming season. Wilson said he’s been rehabbing his shoulder every day and he plans to train with John Beck in California, referring to his next steps and the recovery process.

Wilson said that he’ll be out until summer — so implicitly, he won’t be playing in spring ball, but should be back and fine for fall camp. Wilson had a very relaxed and joking attitude about the setback and referred to it as “no big deal,” so we’ll have to take his word for it.

He compared his injury to the likes of Drew Brees, but said that his “wasn’t nearly as bad,” which is good, because Brees suffered a 360 degree tear of his labrum and a 50 percent tear of his rotator cuff. It does give us a frame of reference for Wilson’s injury.

Best of luck to Zach in his rehab and recovery. Hopefully he’ll come back better and stronger ahead of the 2019 season.