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Video: World’s most basketball-talented toddler is a BYU fan

Meet the newest recruit for the class of 2036

Twitter: @bayharding11

You might be a pretty good basketball player, but there’s a good chance this one-year-old baby is already better than. Also, you’ll notice early on in the video that our young basketball prodigy is wearing a BYU shirt.

Watch the entire clip below from the boy’s mom, Bailey Tu’ihalangingie. I promise, the video is worth every second.

Bailey is the sister of current BYU basketball player Connor Harding and is married to BYU rugby player Ricky Tu’ihalangingie.

Recruiting is the lifeblood of any program, and to be honest, our boy here should be offered a scholarship today by the BYU coaching staff for the class of 2036. His skill set is off the charts — he has Jimmer range, has the James Harden step-back down, can finish at the rim, and has the swagger to match it all.

We can’t wait to be at the Marriott Center in November 2036 to watch the beginning of Baby Tu’ihalangingie’s BYU basketball career.