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BYU Basketball: Jahshire Hardnett to Grad Transfer

NCAA Basketball: Brigham Young at Mississippi State Matt Bush-USA TODAY Sports

It’s not really surprising, but it is now confirmed: Junior Guard Jahshire Hardnett will transfer from the BYU Basketball program. It remains unseen whether or not BYU will play again this season after being badly upset by San Diego Saturday, but on the off chance that they do, Hardnett won’t be with the team. He announced his decision on his Twitter and Instagram accounts on Monday afternoon. Here’s a screenshot of his tweet:

Hardnett said he’s “decided to cut ties” with the basketball program and is now available to have contact with coaches via the transfer portal. He will graduate from BYU this spring.

Hardnett started for BYU last season and this season until he was benched in favor of senior Mckay Cannon at starting point guard (after the Mississippi State game at the end of Dec.), and to provide more minutes from junior Nick Emery who returned from suspension at the beginning of Dec. Hardnett remained available off the bench until he injured his hand after BYU’s first matchup with Saint Mary’s on Jan. 5. He played limited minutes in that game after playing a crucial role in BYU defeating Pacific in the game prior (he was one of very few guys to make his free throws down the stretch in that one). After rumors that he would leave the team, Hardnett returned from that hand/wrist injury to play 16 minutes against Portland on Feb. 7. He re-injured his hand late in that game and did not play again for BYU.

Hardnett came to BYU from Chipola College and had played at Fordham before that. He played in 35 games for BYU in 2017-18 and 20 games this season. He averaged 6 pts a game last season and 9.7 pts a game this year before getting injured.

We’ll never forget Hardnett putting that LMU player on skates. We’ll miss his speed, athleticism, and reliable ball handling! Best of luck to Jahshire wherever he ends up next.