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BYU Basketball: G Rylan Bergersen to transfer

BYU v Nevada Photo by Jonathan Devich/Getty Images

Sophomore BYU Basketball Guard Rylan Bergersen will transfer from the program. The news was announced Thursday afternoon. BYU Basketball announced the transfers of Jahshire Hardnett (which we learned about from Hardnett himself last week) and Bergersen at the same time. You can read the full press release, here.

At 6’6’’ and 200 lbs., Bergersen came to BYU from Link Year (a prep school in Missouri). He is from Boise, Idaho. He averaged just 5.8 minutes per game throughout his two year career at BYU, which is probably a contributing factor in his departure. He played 88 minutes his freshman year and 201 this year. Bergersen averaged 1.9 points a game in his career, and 2.5 a game for 2018-19.

Bergersen is a pretty good shooter (he shot 43% from the field in his two years at BYU) and maybe could have thrived a little more with some more development. I personally will always remember calling him “Mr. Sonic” his freshman year, because he got BYU up to the appropriate point total to win free drinks (free medium drinks at Sonic for those in attendance at the Marriott Center when BYU scored 80 points or more was the promo that year) on multiple occasions. Best of luck to Bergersen wherever he ends up next!