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BYU Football names former QB Riley Nelson as new radio game analyst

To replace veteran Marc Lyons, BYU found the flowing locks to Greg Wrubell’s chrome dome.

BYU v Georgia Tech Photo by Scott Cunningham/Getty Images

A quarterback legacy is set to continue at BYU — and no, I’m not talking about Zach Wilson.

Earlier today it was announced that former quarterback and part-time Pantene hair model Riley Nelson will join Greg Wrubell in the radio broadcast booth, replacing another former quarterback Marc Lyons. Mitchell Juergens and Jason Shepard will continue their roles as the sideline reporter and pre-game host.

The opening was created by the retirement of Lyons, who had been the radio game day analyst for the last 38 football seasons. His grandfatherly presence and references to players of yesteryear will be missed, but the addition of Nelson will breath new life into the broadcasts . Riley hasn’t been part of the broadcast crew at BYU but he has been a regular on sports programming in Utah for the last few years. In those opportunities his insights have always been well articulated, without falling into the gee-golly optimism or debbie-downer negativity that some less-experienced voices provide.

Right as the news was announced, Riley joined BYU Sports Nation to discuss his new gig and it’s clear that he won’t be lacking enthusiasm in his new role. Here’s to hoping that he’ll be more accurate with his assessments in the booth than he was on the field.