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Countdown to Kickoff (74): Happy Father’s Day to Steve Kaufusi, the ultimate BYU Football dad

Savannah Tittle

Today is Father’s Day and as such, we here at Vanquish the Foe would like to honor all of the great father and son duos that currently exist on the BYU roster (or have players that have signed and will eventually join BYU’s program). Not only do we celebrate these father’s for their contribution as good parents but for their decision to raise their children in righteousness with the guiding light that led them to BYU. There are many such father / son player combinations such as...

Jason and Chaz Ah You

Mike and James Empey

Jim and Blake Freeland

Kyle and Hayden / Bobby Griffitts

Kalin and KJ / Jaren Hall

Tim and Bentley Hanshaw

Mike and Brayden Keim

Byron and Isaac Rex

Kyle and Chase Roberts

Peter and Hank Tuipolutu

Morris and Eli Unutoa

Warren Wheat/Carter Wheat

This list, however, is incomplete without the true dad of BYU Football, that being papa Steve Kaufusi. Not only did Steve play football for BYU but he coached for the Cougars for a solid 15 seasons and had three sons (Bronson, Corbin and Devin) that all suited up on the defensive line. Bronson was a menacing presence on BYU’s defense and Corbin transitioned himself from basketball player to disruptive defensive stud. The current offspring of Steve Kaufusi on the roster is Devin, a towering presence just like his brothers who will look to make big strides this next season.

How else do we know that Steve Kaufusi is the true dad of BYU Football? His brother Jeff played football for the University of Utah and Steve, through love and wisdom, was still able to help correct that mistake by guiding Jeff’s sons Isaiah and Jackson to Provo.

Let us pray that BYU will continue to be blessed with many great father and son combinations that will strengthen the football program for generations to come.

(Also a special shoutout to our baseball dad Vance Law and our basketball father Marty Haws.)