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Notre Dame AD: “We absolutely will be playing BYU again”

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BYU v Notre Dame

BYU and Notre Dame announced a 6-game series back in 2010 when BYU made the move to independence. Half of those games were since cancelled when Notre Dame made a scheduling agreement with the ACC; BYU and Notre Dame played two games in 2012 and 2013 in South Bend. That means that Notre Dame still owes BYU a game, presumably in Provo, as part of the 2-for-1 deal.

Notre Dame AD Jack Swarbick talked to Pete Sampson of The Athletic about a variety of topics, one of which included BYU. Here is how Swarbick answered when asked about “giving BYU the return game agreed on a 2-for-1 contract.

Swarbick: “We absolutely will be playing BYU again and look forward to having more detail about that in the near future.”

Sampson followed up by asking if the new Raiders stadium in Vegas would be a possibility for the location of the game.

Swarbrick: (laughs) “We look forward to having more detail about that in the near future.”

These responses by Swarbick echo what BYU AD Tom Holmoe said last summer. Holmoe said during last year’s media day that BYU had “good discussions” with Notre Dame, and that future news would be “better than receiving a paycheck.”

While playing in Provo would be ideal, playing in the new Vegas stadium would be a nice consolation prize. Playing Notre Dame in a state-of-the art stadium within driving distance for most of the fanbase would draw a ton of BYU fans. BYU would also likely get a nice check, which definitely doesn’t hurt.

Notre Dame doesn’t have an opening on its schedule until 2022, so that is the earliest date the two teams could play each other unless other games are moved around.

You can read Swarbick’s entire Q&A here.