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Countdown to Kickoff (48): BYU should make a scheduling agreement with...Rutgers?

BYU Football being played in the birthplace of college football? Why not!

Rutgers v Michigan State Photo by Duane Burleson/Getty Images


I know the number of people that will actually click on this link and take it serious are very few, but please know that this is not a joke. I, Jake Welch, think that it would be fun if BYU did a home-and-home series with the Scarlet Knights of Rutgers. It’s Friday afternoon on the internet and no one can stop me from speaking my truth.

So why exactly do I think that this is a good idea, for either team? Well at no point did I say that this was, in fact, a good idea. More than anything I just want to see my two favorite teams square off in gridiron battle. But for kicks and giggles, let’s discuss a few possible reasons why BYU playing games against Rutgers might be a good idea.

  • The last few years BYU fans have complained about the difficulty of the schedule. If BYU were to schedule Rutgers in the next few seasons that would definitely provide some level of ease as the Scarlet Knights are... not great, Bob. Head coach Chris Ash has a miserable 7-29 record in three seasons, including a 1-11 mark in 2018. At the very least, BYU could win this game and then forever refer to it as a “win over an unnamed Big 10 opponent” in the recorded history.
  • Even if BYU isn’t looking for an easy P5 game, scheduling Rutgers five years from now could provide an interesting matchup. Right now, it can’t get much worse for the Scarlet Knights. Those who follow the program are always optimistic that the proximity to some of the best high school football talent in the country would help but Rutgers has a hard time beating out the likes of Ohio State and Michigan when they come to New Jersey to pluck the best talent. That said, Rutgers has exhibited the ability to produce a decent football team.
  • BYU and Rutgers are programs that are steeped in college football history. BYU, of course, is a national championship program with a rich tradition of occasional excellence. Rutgers rightfully makes the claim as the birthplace of college football as they faced off against Princeton 150 years ago in the first game of the sport. Why not put them together?
  • These two teams have never played one another. In the Independence Era at BYU, Tom Holmoe has done a wonderful job getting the Cougars to line up against an array of opponents. I’m sure that checking Rutgers off Tom’s list would be satisfying.
  • Contrary to popular opinion, New Jersey is a wonderful place and would provide BYU fans with a...unique road trip. Sure, going to a road game in College Station or Gainesville might carry more cache but there is something wonderful about Central New Jersey in the fall. At the very least, Cougar fans could enjoy the eternal blessings of Wawa, grease trucks or Wegmans.
  • On the flip side, having a bunch of Rutgers fans make their way to Provo would be delightful. People from New Jersey are a unique breed and they would certainly liven things up for the weekend.
  • At the very least BYU could get a kick out of finally beating a team that wears red and white.

Even after all of that, I’m sure many of you are not convinced that playing Rutgers would be a good idea and I’m fine with that. I recognize that I’m probably the only living person that is a fan of both BYU and Rutgers, so my desire to see them both play is limited to a party of one. Regardless, I think it’s a good idea and I stand by it.