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Countdown to Kickoff (56): Celebrate July 4th with some explosive BYU Football plays

University of Houston v Brigham Young University Photo by Jay Drowns/Getty Images

On this fine day in which we celebrate our fine nation, these United State of America, there exists a time honored tradition of sending explosives into the sky. There are many other occasions in which fireworks are used to celebrate but the Fourth of July still stands above the rest. To help contribute in a small way, we here at Vanquish the Foe want to celebrate some of the most explosive plays from the 2018 season. BYU’s offense wasn’t exactly a model of excellence when it came to big plays last year but we’ll still take time to enjoy what did come to pass.

Zach Wilson’s bomb to Aleva Hifo

The bowl game had it’s fair share of big plays but none more explosive than Zach Wilson’s 70 yard touchdown pass to receiver Aleva Hifo. The play featured a perfect pass from Wilson and some nifty maneuvering by Aleva to make a break for the end zone. More of this in 2019, please and thank you.

Tanner Mangum to Aleva Hifo to Moroni Laulu-Pututau

Jeff Grimes definitely made an effort to inset some trickery into the offense last year and it paid off against Wisconsin. The double pass helped give BYU their first lead of the game and eventual victory. Let us pray that Moroni can stay healthy enough to catch many touchdown passes again this year.

Zach Wilson’s Sweet Feet vs Hawaii

In Wilson’s first start of the 2018 season, we got to see what he was made of with his arm and his legs. On this play we got to see him dance his way into the end zone after making a defensive back for Hawaii look absolutely silly. We’ll see how much freedom Zach is given to run this year coming off of shoulder surgery but if he can make people miss like this it won’t be a problem.

Matt Bushman’s One Handed Catch

There has been no shortage of impressive plays from Matt Bushman in his first two years at BYU but this catch against Utah is at the top of the list. If he’s lining up tight with the offensive line or split out wide against a cornerback, Matt is going to find a way to make plays. Let’s hope the connection between him and Zach will continue in 2019.