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Countdown to Kickoff (28): A few thoughts on BYU’s “Color Schedule”

Royal is strong and true in 2019

NCAA Football: Utah at Brigham Young George Frey-USA TODAY Sports

Yesterday marked a very important milestone in our journey towards the start of college football. Not only was today the start of fall camp for BYU Football, but the all-important “color schedule” was announced by the BYU Store via Twitter.

Why is this schedule important? This isn’t an official indication of what uniforms BYU will be wearing each week but it does give us some insight as to what the Cougars could be sporting. This schedule is purely branded as the “what color to wear schedule”, so for all we know BYU could be telling their fans to wear royal when the team would be wearing navy. It seems unlikely but who knows!

So what does this mean for BYU’s uniforms this year? Here are a few thoughts...

  • The main standout here is the fact that royal is the dominant blue over navy. While this shouldn’t be a huge surprise, but it’s interesting to see how many times BYU fans are going to wear royal for the away games. When BYU hits the road they usually sport their navy bottom and white top look (which is one of my personal favorites). With the Cougar fans wearing royal at four away games, could this mean that we’re going to see the first ever iteration of the royal pants and white jerseys? We know they have royal pants since they wore them in the bowl game last year. The only thing we have yet to see is there is a white jersey with royal trim.
  • It looks like BYU will continue their home “white-out” tradition against Washington. The last two years the Cougars have been bounced in these games, the first when they got dismantled by Wisconsin and the second was last year when Cal beat us with their defense. Hopefully this year the Cougars can turn it around and get a victory in their all-white dreads, which are a very nice look.
  • There isn’t a whole lot of navy on this schedule, with two home games and one road game. There is a chance that BYU will also be wearing navy (at least on the bottom) for their game against USF on the road. Royal is definitely the more popular color and if they want people to buy shirts it’s probably best to have most royal games on the schedule.
  • Royal blue will be the fan color for all of the regional rivalry games including the Utah, Utah State and Boise State games. For the Utah game we’ll likely see the color vs color matchup where both teams wear their home colors, a great added touch to the rivalry. It wouldn’t work as well against Utah State or Boise State since they wear navy and royal.
  • There isn’t a blackout game on this schedule...and that’s juuuuuust fine. The blackout uniforms are popular in some circles but in all honesty BYU is much better off rolling in royal or navy. No need to wear a color that’s not part of the brand.