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BYU Basketball tops LCC International in game 2 of Italy trip

The Cougars beat the Moose, 87-46.

BYU Basketball, and LCC International in Rome, Italy after a BYU victory.
Twitter, @BYUBasketball

In BYU Basketball’s second game of four over in Italy, they made a pretty impressive showing against the LCC Moose (AMAZING MASCOT) of Lithuania, winning 87-46.

A couple of notable things, and frames for reference before we hit you with the stats and highlights: BYU started Kolby Lee, Yoeli Childs, Wyatt Lowell, Trevin Knell, and Alex Barcello. TJ Haws, Jake Toolson, Jesse Wade, and Gavin Baxter did not play in the game. You’ll see all that in the box score we post below.

Colby Leifson came off the bench and shot 10 three’s, making only 3 of them, so take that for what it’s worth. BYU took a total of 33 three’s in the game, making 30% of them against LCC. Despite that, BYU assisted on an impressive 30 of their 34 FGs. BYU was able to take 26 more shots than LCC, thanks in part to being +10 in the turnover margin. BYU was also +10 in offensive rebound margin.

LCC recently played Houston as well as Illinois State and was bested by both of those teams (both are also former opponents of the Cougars). LCC lost by 43 to Houston and 25 to Illinois State.

BYU’s third game is Thurs. evening against Stella Azzurra Academy and will be played in Rome.

As promised, here is the full game, highlights, and box score from BYU’s latest victory. Veni, Vidi, Vici.