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BYU unveils alternate uniform ahead of the “whiteout” game vs Washington

So fresh. So clean.

After months of speculation and rumors, BYU finally unveiled their alternate white uniform that will be worn this week against Washington. And boy howdy it didn’t disappoint.

The uniform itself it’s entirely different, but something that we haven’t seen from BYU in quite some time. The jersey is essentially the exact same uniform template that the Cougars have been wearing for the last 14 seasons, but with this version we get to see royal numbers and stripes. It’s a subtle change but one that is definitely welcome, specifically when paired with royal pants. It looks as if the pants are also the same template, with the same white stripe pattern on the side but it’s hard to tell from this photo. The socks are also slightly different with a nice two-stripe look. Again, subtle but beautiful.

Based on initial reactions the helmet is the most polarizing aspect of the new look, but it’s definitely a great look. The block Y used here is a modified reference to the logo that BYU used on their helmet back in the 60s. The version used back then was similar to the stretch Y in that it was used with an oval on a blue helmet from 1966-68 and on a white helmet from 1969-77. This new faux-back removes the block Y from the oval and makes it a little bigger. It’s a great look because it’s something new with a nice connection to the past.

A couple of other slight changes that we see on the helmet include a single blue stripe (as opposed the two stripes usually used) and the use of a gray face mask. The only nitpick we have with the uniform is the use of the stretch Y on the helmet bumper

It’s curious that this uniform dropped today as Tom Holmoe addressed the process of working with Nike on these alternate uniforms. Based on this set that was released today he deserves a pat on the back.