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#2 BYU Men’s Volleyball sweeps D2 Mount Olive

BYU Photo

#2 BYU Men’s Volleyball beat Mount Olive in North Carolina on Friday evening, sweeping the Trojans in straight sets 25-17, 25-10, 25-22.

BYU coasted to an early lead in the first set, controlling the set and not allowing Mount Olive any chances to threaten. BYU won the set 25-17.

BYU’s service was ferocious in the second set as the Cougars blew past the Trojans with a 25-10 set win. BYU went on an 18-5 run (including 13 straight points) after a 7-5 score to easily put away the Trojans. BYU took a 2-0 lead with the 25-10 set win.

The Trojans were pesky in the third set, not allowing BYU to extend a lengthy lead. The Trojans actually did lead for a large part of the set, but BYU’s experience and talent proved too much for the Trojans, as a Gardini back-line attack completed the sweep with a tight 25-22 win.

BYU will play Mount Olive again tomorrow in North Carolina. The match is at 3 p.m. EST and can be viewed here.