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No Fans Allowed at LES, but a Large Indoor Nail Expo in Provo is Fine

BYU announced last week that they will not have fans in attendance for the Troy and Louisiana Tech games “in accordance with the state of Utah’s announcement moving Provo from low (yellow) to a moderate (orange) risk COVID-19 designation.” BYU initially planned to have 6,000 fans in the stands.

A lot of people were disappointed, but I understood where the state was coming from. Provo/Orem is seeing a spike in COVID cases, you can’t totally control how close fans get at a football game, and it’s probably not a bad idea to be overly cautious during a pandemic.

However, the state seems to be lacking in consistency for what they are allowing. The Utah Nail Expo was allowed to happen in Provo this past Saturday — the same day as the Troy game — and I would venture to guess that there was more congregating than there would be with 6,000 fans at LaVell Edwards Stadium.

The Event was held indoors and seemed pretty crowded based on photos and videos from the event. The video below is from the event and shows people wearing masks (awesome!), but crowded together. This is not to shame people at all, but rather to ask the question as to why this was allowed in Provo but 6,000 fans in LES spaced out, outdoors was not.

Here are the display tables next to each other, which is all good, though, because we have a bottle of hand sanitizer.

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The @utahnailexpo!! Loving our booth!!

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The state of Utah’s official orange COVID designation for gatherings says to “keep 6 feet at all times between groups who do not live in the same home, including while seated.” Seems a lot easier to do in a 65,000 seat stadium than a convention center...

Listen, I’m okay if no fans are allowed at BYU games. The enforcement from the state of Utah just seems to be inconsistent. If they are allowing large indoor gatherings in Provo, I don’t see why minimal fan attendance can’t be allowed for BYU football games. If this isn’t changed for BYU’s game Friday night versus Louisiana Tech, hopefully we’ll receive more clarity before BYU’s October 10 game versus UTSA.