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BYU to wear the “Gifford Nielsen look” uniforms at Houston on Friday

Gifford Nielsen

BYU Equipment has released this week’s uniform combination for the away game at Houston, and it’s a beauty.

BYU will wear white helmets, white tops with royal trim, and royal pants on Friday night as the BYU Cougars face the red Cougars of Houston. Special to the look are the silver/gray face masks, similar to what BYU QB Gifford Nielsen wore in the 70s.

BYU has worn royal in three of their previous games so far in 2020, with Friday being the fourth of five to don the royal. It seems that BYU’s transition to royal as the primary color is complete, with navy likely being used as an alternate.

The only other time BYU has worn white tops with royal bottoms in the independence era was at San Diego State last season. Let’s hope BYU can channel some Gifford Nielsen magic when they take on Houston in these uniforms Friday night.