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Patrick Mahomes Takes Notice of BYU, Zach Wilson After “Chiefs” Play Call

Houston Texans v Kansas City Chiefs Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images

Trailing 26-21, BYU went ahead in the fourth quarter after a perfectly executed underhand shovel pass from Zach Wilson to Masen Wake that resulted in a 8-yard touchdown. People on Twitter quickly noticed that it was the same play Andy Reid dialed up earlier in the year for the Chiefs in a Monday Night Football win over the Ravens.

BYU did indeed copy the play from the Kansas City Chiefs and even called the play “Chiefs”, as described by BYU OL Coach and Chiefs fan Eric Mateos.

Reigning Super Bowl MVP Patrick Mahomes took notice and gave BYU and Zach Wilson a little shoutout on Twitter.

Andy Reid was probably smiling in Kansas City after seeing his Alma Mater run his play design to perfection in a critical spot in the fourth quarter. If BYU keeps copying Andy Reid designed play calls, the offense will be in good shape this season.