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BYU Players Give Western Kentucky Player The Book of Mormon After Game

Twitter: @JackDamuni

BYU soundly beat Western Kentucky 41-10 Saturday night, but seniors Kyle Griffitts and Isaiah Kaufusi decided to take a different angle after BYU’s victory.

Jack Damuni, Executive Coordinator of On-campus Recruiting and Community/Player Relations, shared this photo of Griffitts and Kaufusi giving two Western Kentucky players The Book of Mormon after the game.

The Western Kentucky player holding it is offensive lineman Gunner Britton. I messaged Gunner, who gave me permission to share what he said.

“We were just talking during the game and I wanted to learn more of their faith,” Gunner said. “They were great guys.”

BYU fullback Kyle Griffitts explained the interaction this way. “They had questions throughout the game so Isaiah grabbed me and said, ‘hey, two by two, come help me out with something.’”

Shoutout to Kyle and Isaiah for doing missionary work, even during a football game.