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BYU Jumps to #8 in AP Top 25 and Coaches Poll

BYU v Boise State Photo by Loren Orr/Getty Images

BYU moved up again in the rankings to number 8 in the Coaches Poll and 8 in the AP Poll after a 34-point blowout win over Boise State Friday night. BYU was #9 in both polls last week.

Clemson didn’t do BYU any favors losing last night in double overtime to Notre Dame. A big win over the Irish likely would’ve resulted in Notre Dame falling behind BYU in this week’s polls. The Clemson loss also hurts BYU’s already slim chances of making the College Football Playoff, opening the door for a couple one-loss ACC teams to play for a national championship.

The higher you rise in the polls, the harder it is to keep moving up, and the next five weeks will be interesting to see how BYU does in the national rankings. Fewer teams ahead of you also means fewer possibilities for teams to slip up, and with BYU playing just two games the next five weeks, BYU runs the risk of getting jumped by teams who have played fewer but more recent games.

BYU has the week off and plays FCS foe North Alabama on Saturday, Nov. 21 before another two week break leading up to senior night against San Diego State on Saturday, Dec. 12. It could be argued that BYU should add another game or two to keep in the minds of the College Football Playoff committee, but is the reward greater than the risk? I guess we’ll have to wait and see.