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BYU Football moves up one spot to 13 in latest CFB Playoff Rankings

NCAA Football: Brigham Young at Houston Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

BYU Football moved up one spot in Tuesday’s College Football Playoff Rankings, thanks to Michigan State’s upset victory over Northwestern.

The CFB Playoff Committee dug in its heels on BYU’s ranking, claiming strength of schedule was again the reason they ranked them so low. When asked by Rece Davis, Committee chairman Gary Barta said, “I said last week, great respect for BYU, but what is it that holds it back if you compare BYU’s games they’ve played, the teams against who they’ve competed, and you compare those to some other teams, it’s really the strength of schedule or the games that they’re playing not being as strong as the other teams that were in the ranking ahead of them.”

Mr Barta may think that makes sense, but after a week of the committee’s rankings being bombarded with criticism by nearly every credible college football commentator and analyst, he looks all the more stubborn.

It’s clear the committee hasn’t paid attention to BYU, and that they’re holding the Cougars to a much different standard than the rest of the Top 15. Compare to Ohio State, who may not play again this regular season. Or Iowa State, who lost to the Sun Belt’s Louisiana Lafayette. Or Georgia, who was blown out by the two best teams they’ve played.

The Top 7 remained unchanged, with no. 8 Northwestern dropping out of the Top 10 into 14th. Somehow, having two losses is Top 10 worthy, as Georgia sits at 8, Iowa State at 9, and Oklahoma sits just outside at 11.

Obviously, BYU needs to schedule games. They’re desperate to do so. Unfortunately, it’s becoming more clear that teams do not want to play BYU. The AP, Coaches, and most of college football world recognize BYU’s strength, but unfortunately the ones that make the decisions remain stubborn.

Maybe BYU should schedule Louisiana Lafayette to compare with Iowa State. December 19, what do you say, Ragin’ Cajuns?

Below are the full rankings:

  1. Alabama (8-0)
  2. Notre Dame (9-0)
  3. Clemson (8-1)
  4. Ohio State (4-0)
  5. Texas A&M (6-1)
  6. Florida (7-1)
  7. Cincinnati (8-0)
  8. Georgia (6-2)
  9. Iowa State (7-2)
  10. Miami (7-1)
  11. Oklahoma (6-2)
  12. Indiana (5-1)
  13. BYU (9-0)
  14. Northwestern (5-1)
  15. Oklahoma State (6-2)
  16. Wisconsin (2-1)
  17. North Carolina (6-3)
  18. Coastal Carolina (9-0)
  19. Iowa (4-2)
  20. USC (3-0)
  21. Marshall (7-0)
  22. Washington (3-0)
  23. Oregon (3-1)
  24. Tulsa (5-1)
  25. Louisiana (8-1)