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Video: Coastal Carolina Players Take Down Zach Wilson in Bush League Play

BYU was about to go into halftime up 14-13 over Coastal Carolina until chaos broke out.

QB Zach Wilson threw a last-second hail mary that was intercepted and seemingly ended the half. A scuffle broke out in the middle of the field right after, and the culprits were two Coastal Carolina who mugged Wilson. Watch the below video to see for yourself.

The play started off fine, with Coastal making a perfectly legal block on Wilson so they could get some free contact on him. Things got out of hand when #94, junior defensive tackle Jeffrey Gunter, kept unnecessarily throwing Wilson to the ground. The referee saw the whole thing, but for some reason decided to not throw a flag.

Kalani clearly noticed and gave a perfect reply.

BYU was a bit sluggish at times, so we’ll see if this lights a fire for players to come out and roll over Coastal Carolina in the second half.