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Update: CB Isaiah Herron to stay with BYU Football

Less than a week after announcing he was transferring, Isaiah Herron says won’t be leaving after all.

NCAA Football: Washington at Brigham Young Melissa Majchrzak-USA TODAY Sports

After announcing he would transfer from the BYU Football program just six days ago, Isaiah Herron has now announced that he will stay in Provo.

The 6’1’’ cornerback had intentions of transferring to a historically black college or university (HBCU) but now says that he can make the sort of impact he wants to by staying at BYU.

Herron announced his decision Wednesday afternoon in an Instagram post that is worth reading:

“The reason I wanted to leave was due to the current climate in America in regards to racial injustice and the killing of unarmed black and women,” Herron wrote, explaining that his choice to leave had nothing to do with BYU or anything he has experienced in his time there.

“I felt a historically black college was the best place that I could help tackle these injustices... With a little more time to think I have made the decision to stay here at BYU. I realized I can have an impact in this state by opening eyes here...” Herron wrote, in part.

Herron had 22 tackles and 2 tackles for loss last season. He enters the 2020 year as a redshirt sophomore.