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Report: “Strong Possibility” BYU Football opens its season against Alabama

Who needs Utah?

BYU fans often (some facetiously, some not) proclaim that they “Want ‘Bama.” Well. They may have finally spoken it into existence. The BYU Cougars and Alabama Crimson Tide could come out of all of this COVID college football upheaval as week one opponents. According to a report by Matt Zenitz, Senior SEC Football reporter for, “If the Crimson Tide ends up playing more than just SEC teams this year, there’s a strong possibility the team will open the season against BYU, according to sources.”

Of course there are a lot of unknowns here — Like if a college football season will even be played at all. But unlike some other conferences, the SEC has been quiet thus far on whether or not they’ll join the “conference only” crowds, or make any other modifications to its season. That conference only crowd left BYU with no games until Oct. 2. A game with Alabama would change that late start, and other sources have reported that BYU already has some other potential games in the works in light of losing games with teams like Utah, Arizona State, Minnesota, and more.

Alabama was set to open its season against the Pac-12’s USC, which has already announced they’ll play a conference only schedule. Other rumors were swirling that the Crimson Tide would open the season against BYU’s fellow football independent Notre Dame, but Alabama’s AD shut those rumors down on Twitter Sat. morning.

BYU and ‘Bama have only faced each other once. In 1998, when Alabama came away with a 38-31 victory (also a season-opener). What do you think, Cougar fans? Is this making lemonade out of lemons? How do you think the Cougs would fare against the power-house that is Alabama? Stick with Vanquish the Foe for more schedule updates that are sure to unfold, and as to whether or not this conjecture turns concrete.