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Yoeli Childs Receives NBA Draft Combine Invite

Congrats to Yoeli!

NCAA Basketball: Gonzaga at Brigham Young Jeffrey Swinger-USA TODAY Sports

Yoeli Childs received some good news for his NBA Draft hopes. After making the initial list of 105 NBA Draft combine potential participants, Yoeli made the final roster cut of participants, which is believed to be 70. Bryan Kalbrosky of Hoops Hype first reported the news, and a source confirmed with Vanquish The Foe.

No date or guarantee of a combine actually happening was communicated to the players. The NBA lottery is scheduled for August 20, so it likely would occur sometime after that.

Yoeli’s combine invitation significantly helps his chances of getting drafted. Although he isn’t guaranteed of getting picked, it is very rare that a player not invited to the combine gets drafted. One source told Vanquish The Foe that teams have told Yoeli he could get picked in the 40-50 range.

The combine actually happening would obviously help Yoeli, but being invited is at minimum a boost to his draft stock. Yoeli getting drafted would also help BYU’s coaching staff, as they would be able to show recruits their player development skills. Yoeli had virtually no shot to get drafted after his sophomore or junior year, but has a real shot at getting picked this year.