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BYU Football vs. Alabama not happening after all

BYU fans may WANT ‘Bama, but they won’t be getting them this year.

NCAA Football: Brigham Young at San Diego State Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

Rumors were flying up until yesterday, even, about the possibility of BYU Football and Alabama opening the 2020 season against each other but news broke Thursday afternoon that confirms that will not be happening. The SEC will play a 10-game conference only schedule that won’t start until Sept. 26. The COVID hits keep coming.

Not only does this announcement from the SEC take the possibility of a ‘Bama game off the table, it also takes Missouri off the Cougars’ schedule, leaving BYU with six games total lost from the schedule: Utah, Michigan State, Arizona State, Minnesota, Missouri and Stanford. That leaves BYU with six games on the schedule, but of course, several conferences have yet to make announcements on what changes they will be making in this unprecedented time.

We have also recently learned that Notre Dame (fellow independent) will play an ACC schedule. So of course there have been talks amongst fans and media about BYU joining up to play with another conference, too. The Mountain West Conference (which BYU used to be a part of, and would probably make the most since geographically) has been brought up by many. But there has also been some Big 12 buzz, increasing as of late. (But BYU fans have sang that song before with nothing to show for it.)

The bottom line is that there is still SO much left up in the air for college football in general (which makes it hard to report on — if you haven’t noticed, it’s all very fluid) but we’ll do our best to keep you informed! Really, at this point, any games the Cougars get to play will be a win. And I hope I speak for many fans when I say that I have faith that Tom Holmoe will figure something out.

One thing we ARE quite sure of -- The Cougars, who had postponed Media Day, Fall Camp, and the likes, will start up football again on Aug. 4. That bodes well for the hope that BYU WILL be playing, and hopefully in September... Until COVID goes and changes up some more stuff on us, at least. Another hope could be that if there really were any talks going on between the Cougars and the Crimson Tide, it will increase chances of a game between the two teams in the future.