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Reports: BYU Football to lose 2 Big Ten and 3 Pac 12 Teams from 2020 Schedule

Will we even have college football this fall?

McNeese State v BYU Photo by Chris Gardner/Getty Images

Things are looking bleak for the 2020 college football season and for BYU.

The Big Ten announced that they will go with a conference only schedule this Fall. That will remove Michigan State and Minnesota from BYU’s 2020 schedule.

Since BYU is obviously not in a conference, this could create some huge problems if other conferences go this way. The Pac 12 is likely to follow the Big Ten’s lead, meaning BYU would lose three additional games from the schedule — Utah, Arizona State, and Stanford.

The ACC also appears to going the conference-only route, meaning the Big 12 and SEC could soon follow — along with other G5 conferences.

BYU’s 7 non Big Ten/Pac 12 opponents include: Missouri, Houston, San Diego State, Boise State, Utah State, Northern Illinois, and North Alabama.

If all conferences decide to go conference only, BYU will be in a very tough spot. Notre Dame looks like it will be taken care of by the ACC, and the other independent programs — Army, UConn, Liberty, UMass, and New Mexico State — may not have the financial resources to support an independent-only schedule.

BYU’s best case scenario may be that they can get lumped in with the MWC or AAC for a season, or hope that some conferences allow at least one non-conference game.

At this point, we may not even have college football in 2020.

BYU’s media day is July 20, where Tom Holmoe will have a lot of questions to address for BYU fans.