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BYU Football Schedule: Mountain West, American Athletic Conference Will Play Non-Conference Games

BYU still has a schedule intact.

New Hampshire v San Diego State Photo by Kent Horner/Getty Images

BYU’s schedule doesn’t appear to be totally toast, as the Mountain West and AAC both announced Tuesday that they will play non-conference games. The Mountain West will play a game 10-game schedule that will include two non-conference games. The AAC will play its standard 8-game conference schedule and teams can play up to four non-conference games.

BYU has 3 opponents from the MWC — Utah State, Boise State, and San Diego State — and one opponent from the AAC — Houston. Teams in both conferences have had games cancelled, so BYU could try to get additional games from the conferences. Intriguing possibilities from the American could be UCF, Navy, Cincinnati or a host of other schools. At this point, BYU will take what they can get.

BYU is still in talks with Big 12 teams after they announced they will do a “plus one” model. Many have linked BYU with Oklahoma State, but the Cowboys could keep their game with in-state foe Tulsa. The Big 12’s non-conference game must be at home, which means BYU will have to play away from LES. Keep an eye on Oklahoma, Iowa State, Texas Tech, and TCU as possibilities for BYU.

In addition to the four AAC and MWC games, BYU still has games with FCS foe and MAC opponent NIU. The MAC has yet to announce its plans for non-conference play.