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BYU Basketball: Mark Pope Says Expectation is that Season Will Start November 25

Fingers crossed we get a college hoops season started in a couple months.

NCAA Basketball: Gonzaga at Brigham Young Jeffrey Swinger-USA TODAY Sports

BYU’s football season is officially underway, but there are still questions on when the basketball season will start and what it will look.

Head Coach Mark Pope appeared on BYU Sports Nation Monday morning and offered some clarity on his expectations for the season.

“Everything is so dynamic and changes every hour,” Pope said. “Our expectation is we will start November 25th. That was the recommendation by the oversight committee and they’ll meet September 16 and we’ll get some more direction.”

Pope went on to say that it is still unclear what that November 25th start date would look like.

“Does it mean that we’ve just chopped the first 15 days off the start of the season and everything will progress normally? Does it mean that they’re gonna extend the season 15 days? Does it mean they’re gonna give us a bubble kind of feel from November 25 to January 6 when school comes back and where you have to squeeze in all your non-conference games or all your games for the season?”

Pope also said he expects that November 25th date to be approved “in some form or fashion.” That is 15 days after the original start date of November 10.

Below is what BYU’s non-conference schedule was supposed to look like, but expect it to look radically different than what was originally planned. A bubble type setting for non-conference has been discussed, which could give BYU a handful of games in a short period of time.

  • Oregon (Neutral, in Portland) — Nov 17
  • Junkanoo Jam (Bahamas, 2 games): George Mason, Tulsa, or Boston College — Nov 19-21
  • UVU (H) — Nov 28
  • San Diego State (A) — Dec 1
  • Utah State (A) — Dec 5
  • Utah (H) — Dec 12
  • Arizona State (N, in Phoenix) — Dec 19
  • Weber State (N, SLC) — Dec 23
  • Boise State (H) — TBD

Although what the college basketball season will look like is unclear, expect a NCAA Tournament this season. The NCAA and schools lost a ton of money last year when the tourney was cancelled, and NCAA president Mark Emmert some sort of tournament to happen this year.