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MWC Commissioner: BYU-Boise State Could Play Each Other This Fall

BYU-Boise State could happen this Fall.

BYU v Boise State Photo by Loren Orr/Getty Images

Looks like BYU may add a familiar opponent to its schedule this Fall.

Mountain West commissioner Craig Thompson spoke to the Media Friday morning after the MWC announced they would begin their season October 24 “with the intent to play eight games.” Most of those will be conference games, but there is opportunity for non-conference games due to Air Force’s scheduled games with Army and Navy.

One such possibility is Boise State-BYU. “There’s a potential that a Boise State-BYU previously scheduled game could be played,” Thompson told reporters. Looking at dates, November 6/7 looks like a possibility. Air Force is playing Navy November 7, meaning one MWC would be left out. BYU has an opening then and could play the Broncos to fill the vacancy in the MWC schedule. BYU was originally scheduled to play at Boise State Friday, November 6, so it even lines up with the originally planned date.

Thompson said all other games would be conference only, so don’t count on BYU adding any other MWC teams unless cancellations happen — which is a real possibility.

BYU currently has 8 games on its schedule with the potential for a 9th if Army is re-scheduled. Boise State is favored to win the MWC schedule and would provide a boost to BYU’s strength of schedule.

Look for the MWC to reveal its schedule in the coming weeks.