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BYU Announces 8 Team Captains for 2020 Season

Lots of captains!

USC v BYU Photo by Chris Gardner/Getty Images

BYU announced Friday afternoon they will have 8 captains — 4 on each side of the ball — for the 2020 season.

Offensive Captains

  • Matt Bushman (TE) — Senior
  • Lopini Katoa (RB) — Junior
  • Brady Christensen (OL) — Junior
  • James Empey (OL) — Junior

Defensive Captains

  • Khyiris Tonga (DL) — Senior
  • Isaiah Kaufusi (LB) — Senior
  • Troy Warner (DB) — Senior
  • Zayne Anderson (DB) — Senior

BYU also announced 8 additional players on the team’s leadership council.

Leadership Council

  • Chris Wilcox (DB) — Senior
  • Bracken El-Bakri (DL) — Senior
  • Zach Wilson (QB) — Senior
  • Gunner Romney (WR) — Junior
  • Neil Pau’u (WR) — Junior
  • Lorenzo Fauatea (DL) — Junior
  • Baylor Romney (QB) — Junior
  • Payton Wilgar (LB) — Sophomore

BYU didn’t have team captains last year and instead used “game captains” that rotated each week. Kalani always had team captains previously, so last year appears to be a one-season anomaly.

BYU opens the season Monday night, 8pm EST on ESPN at Navy.