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Sources: BYU to Play at #1 Gonzaga Thursday in Place of Pacific

BYU is going to the Kennel!

BYU v Gonzaga Photo by William Mancebo/Getty Images

BYU announced Monday morning that the game Thursday 1/7 versus Pacific would be postponed due to COVID cases within Pacific’s Thursday game — this was the third consecutive WCC game BYU has had postponed, beginning 12/31 with Pepperdine.

Coach Mark Pope tweeted Monday night that BYU has a game now, and multiple sources tell Vanquish The Foe that the game is BYU at #1 Gonzaga Thursday in The Kennel.

As of right now the plan is to move the originally scheduled BYU at Gonzaga game on 2/6 to Thursday 1/7, but one source close to the situation indicated that BYU-Gonzaga could play three times during the regular season depending on the COVID-19 situation in the conference.

Gonzaga is 10-0 and has been ranked #1 the entire season. They have wins over #5 Iowa, #6 Kansas, #14 West Virginia, #22 Virginia, Auburn, and San Francisco. In short, Gonzaga is DOMINANT and this may be Mark Few’s best team ever (seems like we’re saying that every year now).

Gonzaga’s 1/7 game was supposed to be versus Santa Clara, but the Broncos are currently in shutdown due to COVID cases within their program. Santa Clara has a bye on 2/6, so Gonzaga can play them that day on the originally scheduled date for BYU, assuming BYU-Gonzaga don’t play each other three times. With all the COVID cases within the conference, specifically on the California teams, there is a solid chance BYU-Gonzaga could play each other three times in the regular season.

The WCC will announce broadcast plans for the game when they make the official announcement, but it is expected to be broadcasted on one of ESPN’s Networks.