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BYU Reveals Uniform Combination For Baylor

Twitter: @byuequipment

BYU will go with the navy helmets once again when they travel to take on Baylor Saturday. They will wear the new navy helmets with white jerseys and navy pants. BYU equipment manager Billy Nixon revealed the uniform combo Monday morning.

This will be the third time BYU has worn navy this season and the second time they’ve worn the navy helmets. BYU has worn royal four times — Arizona, Utah, Arizona State, and Utah State. They’ve worn navy versus South Florida, Boise State, and now Baylor. BYU will wear a different uniform combination in all 12 regular season games.

BYU is ranked is 5-1 and ranked #19 coming off the home loss to Boise State. Baylor is also 5-1 and is coming off a blowout win over West Virginia. Baylor’s OC is former BYU OC Jeff Grimes and their OL coach is Eric Mateos, who held the same position at BYU from 2018-2020 when Jeff Grimes was there.

BYU-Baylor will kickoff 1:30 MT Saturday on ESPN.