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BYU Releases Depth Chart For Baylor, Gives Injury Updates

Boise State v Brigham Young Photo by Chris Gardner/Getty Images

BYU released its depth chart for the Baylor game and changed only a few things from last week. Jaren Hall got the start versus Boise State and is still listed as the starter with Baylor Romney as the backup and Jacob Conover as third string.

Hall got the start despite getting limited reps in practice. OC Aaron Roderick said that Hall got about a third of the reps Tuesday and Wednesday and about half the reps on Thursday. That was below the normal amount of reps he would usually get as the starter, so he should be more up to speed this week in terms of reps.

Regarding Baylor Romney’s availability, Roderick said, “I expect him to be available this week, but I don’t know yet.” Romney suffered a concussion versus Utah State. The Baylor game would be 15 days post concussion. Roderick iterated that Hall is BYU’s starting QB.

Kalani noted that Caleb Christensen, BYU’s primary kick returner, will be out again this week and likely at least a couple more as he deals with an injury.

BYU made a couple depth chart changes along the offensive line. Joe Tukuafu is listed as the starter at right guard without an “or” between him and Connor Pay for the first time. Harris LaChance has missed the last two games at right tackle and is listed with an “or” between him and Campbell Barrington.

Defensively, Kaleb Hayes is now listed as one of the starting cornerbacks. He passed Isaiah Herron after a nice game versus Boise State.

You can view the depth chart below.