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4-Star Guard Collin Chandler To Take Official Visit To BYU This Weekend

The top recruit from the state of Utah will visit BYU.

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BYU Basketball is taking the Big 12 momentum and riding it to making a serious push for 2022 four-star guard Collin Chandler. Collin is one of the best players to ever come out of the state of Utah and is rated the #30 recruit in the nation by 247 Sports rating and #28 by ESPN. To put into perspective how good Collin is, he would be the second highest-ranked recruit to ever sign with BYU according to 247’s composite rankings, right after Erik Mika. Recruiting rankings weren’t around in the 80s and 90s for players such as Danny Ainge, Shawn Bradley, and others.

Multiple sources — including Collin’s dad — confirmed to me that Collin will take an official visit to BYU this weekend. This is huge news as Collin was on the fence about whether he would take an official visit to BYU. Collin has already taken official visits to Stanford and Oregon and will visit Utah over Halloween weekend. BYU made Collin’s top 6 back in August along with Utah, Stanford, Arizona, Oregon and Gonzaga — recruits can take unlimited unofficial visits, which are paid on their own dime, but are allowed only 5 official visits.

Collin took an unofficial visit to BYU over the summer and visited BYU during the Arizona State game last month with his girlfriend and other friends.

As part of his visit this weekend, sources have told me that Collin will attend Midnight Madness Friday night. BYU announced the event a couple days ago, and it just HAPPENS to be the same time that Collin will visit. BYU held Midnight Madness during Mark Pope’s first season where he had students storm the court at the end. You can bet BYU will go all out again this time.

Collin’s dad Jason told me that he is planning to commit to a school the first week of November. Utah will get the last visit for Collin and the opportunity to make the last impression. Collin grew up in a Utah family, so the Utes are a major factor.

Stanford was a huge factor for awhile, but I believe at this point that this is a battle between BYU and Utah. Utah has been the favorite for awhile, but BYU is closing extremely strong and has a legitimate shot to land Collin.

Collin is planning to serve a mission right out of high school, meaning his first college season would be in 2024 — a year after BYU joins the Big 12.