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Along the trail to Pullman for BYU Football at Washington State

NCAA Football: Stanford at Washington State James Snook-USA TODAY Sports

It’s the Cougars on Cougars game this week as BYU travels to Pullman, Washington to take on Washington State. Are you traveling to Pullman for the game? Former Wazzu RB Logwone Mitz was kind enough to give us his recommendations for places to eat and things to do if you’re in the area. As always, leave any additional suggestions in the comments, and let us know if you try out any of the places in the article!

Things to do:

Check out the Bears Habitat — Not every college town has the opportunity to have a bears habitat, and they are pretty active if you catch them on the right weekend!

Golf at Palouse Ridge is one of the top courses on the west coast, despite its location. Hit ‘em somewhat straight because the Palouse hills can force you to work on your calves if you go looking for your ball(s)!

Ferdinand’s Creamery (It’s an experience) — You may or may not know of Cougar Gold Cheese. It’s not just a Washington or NW thing. Their cheeses are heavily sought after on the national level and even have their own cookbook.

Places to eat:

The Lumberyard (Multiple Food Options/Food Hall, family friendly until 9 p.m.) — This food hall closed over a year ago but has now been revamped and reopened.

Porch Light Pizza or South Fork — Owned by Jim Harbour, a professor and entrepreneur for the American tongue. They deliver savory entrees in a timely manner and are known for great service!

Red Bento — Sushi/Bento Box staple that was only in Moscow, Idaho up until about eight years ago. Since there were so many WSU students as customers, they felt it was worthy of opening a location in Pullman and they were right.