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BYU Releases Depth Chart For Virginia Game

Georgia Tech v Virginia Photo by Ryan M. Kelly/Getty Images

BYU released its depth chart for the Virginia game and only had changes from the previous week along the offensive line. Center James Empey went down versus Washington State and was on crutches in the second half — he was replaced by Connor Pay, who has started multiple games at center filling in for Empey. Empey and Pay have an “or” between them on the depth chart. Right Tackle Harris LaChance hasn’t played since injuring his ankle versus USF and is still listed with an “or” between him and Campbell Barrington.

Gunner Romney sustained an apparent knee injury versus Washington State and didn’t return — he still listed on the depth chart without an “or” between him and Chris Jackson.

Kalani was coy when addressing injury issues, saying his coordinators would address specifics later in the week on the severity and if any of the injuries are season ending. Kalani did say in the post game press conference on Saturday that Empey and Romney are both doubtful versus Virginia but that the injuries likely aren’t season ending.

You can see the full depth chart below.