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The Latest on 4-Star Guard Collin Chandler As He Nears Decision

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The race for Collin Chandler is likely nearing an end as the blue-chip recruit from Farmington, Utah has completed all five of his official visits. Collin visited Utah State over the summer and in the last month visited Stanford, Oregon, BYU, and Utah. Arizona and Gonzaga were in his final six schools back in August, so you can safely assume they are out of the picture since he did not take official visits there. That likely means the final four schools with any real shot are Stanford, Oregon, BYU, and Utah.

Collin visited BYU the weekend of October 23 and all accounts are the visit went very well. Collin and his family attended the BYU Women’s volleyball game and Midnight madness, and coaches pitched development on and off the court, recent success/momentum of the basketball program and BYU athletics overall, Big 12, and BYU’s fan base. He and his family also met BYU’s players and spent time with them.

Utah got the last visit over Halloween weekend and the Utes should be considered the favorite. Chandler has a great relationship with Craig Smith and Utah’s staff, and their development of turning Sam Merrill into a NBA Draft pick is a big deal for Collin. Like Merrill, Collin also plans to serve a mission. Additionally, Collin grew up a Utah fan and his family is a Utah family.

Stanford was considered to be one of the top contenders largely due to their academics, but they seem to have taken a back seat to BYU and Utah. I’ve talked to multiple people and by all accounts Utah and BYU are the top two schools Collin is considering at this point.


Three sources — one connected to BYU and two connected to Collin — have told me that Collin plans to announce his decision November 10, which is the first day of the early signing period for college basketball players. One person close to Collin told me Collin could potentially push that back if he feels like he needs more time to decide.

Utah is the favorite, but BYU’s staff is and will make a final push for Collin. They’ve already had conversations with Collin the last couple days since his visit to Utah and will continue to talk with him until he informs them of his final decision.