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BYU Moves to 13 in AP Poll, Stays at 15 in Coaches Poll

Brigham Young v Georgia Southern Photo by Corey Perrine/Getty Images

After a win over Georgia Southern moved them to 9-2, BYU moved up one spot to 13 in the AP Top 25 Poll and held at 15 in the Coaches Poll. BYU is just 7 votes behind #12 Michigan State and not far behind #11 Oregon. Utah moved to #16 after their win over Oregon.

It will be interesting to see where BYU is in in the new college football playoff rankings Tuesday. BYU was 14 in last week’s rankings, but Wake Forest, Oregon and Michigan State will all fall after their losses. Utah beating Oregon was good for BYU’s NY6 hopes because 1) it makes the Utah win look better, 2) it all but guarantees the Pac-12 will only get one NY6/CFP bid, which opens up an at-large slot, and 3) it increases Cincinnati’s odds to get into the CFP, which would also open up an at-large slot since no G5 team would replace Cincinnati in a NY6 bowl.

BYU plays USC at 7:30 pm PT on ESPN Saturday night.