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BYU to Allow Fans in the Marriott Center for USF and St. Mary’s Games

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BYU announced Monday afternoon that they will allow “a limited number of spectators” to attend this week’s games versus San Francisco and St. Mary’s. Tickets will go on sale starting Wednesday at 10 a.m. for Thursday’s game, and on Friday at 10 a.m. for Saturday’s game. BYU did not specify exactly how many fans will be allowed — the Utah Jazz currently allow 3902 fans, Utah State allows 1628 fans and Weber State just started allowing fans, so BYU will likely allow somewhere in that range. Up this point, BYU has only allowed family of players/coaches.

BYU specified that “spectators will be physically-distanced by household, around the lower bowl of the Marriott Center, with a small section of the band.”

Mark Pope also gave his two cents in his typical exciting way.

“We are losing our minds at the prospect of getting to play in front of fans in the stands this week. It’s not going to be everybody, but it’s going to be some people, and that is a massive step in a positive direction. We’re so grateful to our administration, medical staff and all others involved for finding a way to do this safely. We can’t wait to share a little bit of Marriott Center magic with the fans this week.”

BYU plays USF Thursday night at 7pm MST on CBSSN and St Mary’s at 8pm MST Saturday night on ESPN2 or ESPNU.