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BYU Unveils New Football Helmet Designs

Twitter: @BYUFootball

After months of rumors, BYU unveiled new all-royal and all-navy helmets that will be introduced in the 2021 season.

The official release stated that the new helmets “will give the Cougars 26 uniform combinations that reflect the strong BYU football brand while enhancing the experience for current players, recruits, alumni and fans.”

BYU did a photo shoot that went through all of the potential different uniform combinations: “BYU Football Identity”.

Players had a big say in the new uniform combinations and it was ultimately signed off by BYU leadership. The all-royal helmet has been a concept for some time, with Tom Holmoe unveiling it years ago as part of a “BYU 50” giveaway during the offseason.

BYU did not say when certain uniforms will make their debut, stating that “the specific game debut of the two new helmets as well as the uniform combination for each game will be announced during the season.”

One source told Vanquish the Foe said that BYU will be wearing all royal for the season debut versus Arizona in Las Vegas.

What do you all think of the new helmets? Regardless of what your think, BYU started off the first day of spring football with a splash.