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Zach Wilson Lives Up to Hype During BYU’s Pro Day

BYU’s former star quarterback put on a show for potential suitors during his Pro Day.


Former BYU quarterback Zach Wilson has received nothing but love from the national media since the 2020 season kicked off against Navy. As the season progressed, the hype only grew as he made ridiculous throw after ridiculous throw, leading BYU to an 11-1 season.

He led the FBS in passing touchdowns-to-interceptions ratio and totaled 43 touchdowns, 33 through the air and 10 with his legs and eventually finished eighth in Heisman voting.

Most assume he will be going in the top five of the NFL Draft during the first round, on April 29. Before his Pro Day, most had him going No. 2 overall to the New York Jets.

Right before he began his throwing demonstration in front of 31 NFL teams at BYU’s practice facility on Friday, news broke of some major trading of draft picks between the Dolphins, 49ers and Eagles. When the dust settled, the San Francisco 49ers came away with the No. 3 overall pick. Most assume they will select a quarterback.

After Wilson’s showing at the program’s vast practice facility on campus, it’s likely he will not even last that long.

BYU’s Pro Day was a spectacle to behold. They set it up much like the NFL Combine, which was altered greatly this year and is basically rendered insignificant to the average NFL fan. Not only did BYU put on a show, but it was aired on NFL Network as the feature Pro Day of the afternoon, with analysts weighing in on every throw and every angle.

Wilson made around 60 throws from all depths, directions and speeds. He threw to four receivers- Matt Bushman, Micah Simon, Aleva Hifo and Dax Milne. Several throws induced reactions from the analysts mostly reserved for delicious food or a spectacular fireworks show. He garnered comparisons to the likes of Aaron Rodgers and Patrick Mahomes during the national broadcast.

The knee-jerk reaction to his Pro Day performance is that he solidified himself as the second-best quarterback in this draft class. This means he will likely be headed to the New York Jets at No. 2 overall, unless the Jets change course and give their current signal caller Sam Darnold another chance.

With just over a month until the NFL Draft, this was Wilson’s final chance to publicly display his talents to his potential NFL coaches. He did not disappoint and seemed to leave everyone in attendance satisfied with their evaluations.