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Zach Wilson Meets With BYU QB Legends

IG: zachkapono1

Zach Wilson is preparing for next week’s NFL Draft, but he made sure to make a special stop with some BYU QB legends. Wilson was in Arizona for the weekend and met up with former BYU QBs Steve Young, Jim McMahon and Ty Detmer on the golf course. Zach posted on Instagram with the caption, “Amazing weekend in AZ! Blessed to be part of the BYU QB family.”

Young, Detmer and McMahon are generally considered the three greatest QBs in BYU history. Maybe Zach can make this the Mt Rushmore? A successful NFL career for Zach would certainly put him near the top of the list of revered BYU QBs.

Wilson will be BYU’s first QB drafted since John Beck went 40th overall in 2007. He will be in Cleveland next Thursday for the NFL Draft.

The NFL Draft runs 4/29-5/1. ESPN, ABC and NFL Network will all provide coverage.