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Could BYU Play Notre Dame in Vegas in 2022?

BYU v Notre Dame

During BYU Media Day on June 17, AD Tom Holmoe discussed the possibility of BYU (finally) playing Notre Dame on the last game in their agreed upon contract. “There’s been some really good discussions with Notre Dame,” Holmoe said. “In years past, it’s been crickets on the set. But I would say that there are good discussions. I think we’re getting close to being able to put together a game that would benefit both of our schools.”

Well, that game could be in Las Vegas. Although Notre Dame owes BYU a game in Provo, multiple sources told Vanquish The Foe that BYU has approached Notre Dame about playing a game in Vegas in 2022 at Allegiant Stadium.

Logistically, this would work out. Both teams have 11 games on the 2022 schedule and need one more to round out the 12-game schedule. Notre Dame has 6 scheduled home games, so a neutral-site game could be a roadblock if they want to play 7 home games. Notre Dame played 6 home games as recently as 2018, so they have shown a willingness to play 6 home games and supplement some of the lost revenue from a seventh home game with a neutral site game.

October would be the most likely day for a game, as both teams have openings on October 8 and October 29. I am not sure what Notre Dame’s response has been to BYU reaching out about a game in Vegas next year, but Holmoe did say he thought they were close to putting together a game with Notre Dame, which could be a matchup next season in Vegas.