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BYU Women’s Soccer wins thriller against USC

BYU Photo

BYU women’s soccer beat USC in a thrilling clash at South Field on Thursday night as the Cougars held on to win 2-1.

The Cougars struck early when a ball over the top found Brecken Mozingo, who struck the ball sweetly into the upper corner of the net in the 13th minute.

The Cougars would threaten more, and finally doubled the lead in the 40th minute when a set piece from Mozingo found the head of Bella Folino, who crashed into the six yard box unmarked and easily nodded the ball into the back of the net.

The Cougars were awarded a penalty before Folino’s goal, but Mikayla Colohan’s penalty was saved to keep the Trojans in it.

A 2-0 lead at halftime is one of the most dangerous leads possible, and the Cougars were much shakier in the second half. The Cougars struggled to pisses out of their own half, and found themselves facing their own goal as they tracked back.

BYU was fortunate to not have two penalties called against them, one on a poor tackle in the box and later a outstretched arm that the referee didn’t call. The Trojans were finally awarded a penalty though as the ball came off a Cougar arm inside the six yard box. Croix Bethune converted the penalty, cutting the Cougars lead to one.

The Trojans would continue to press, but the Cougars held on for a intense 2-1 win at South Field. The Cougars head back to SEC Country to play Arkansas on Monday before returning next Thursday to face Marquette.