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Utah Jazz Coach Quin Snyder Visits BYU, Speaks to Student Athletes

NBA: Indiana Pacers at Utah Jazz Russell Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

BYU Basketball is two months from the start of the college basketball regular season — their regular season opener is November 9 versus Cleveland State — and the team has been practicing in the Marriott Center while the practice facility finishes up renovations.

On Tuesday, BYU athletics — not just the basketball team — got a special visit from a pro coach in the state of Utah.

Utah Jazz Coach Quin Snyder was on BYU campus Tuesday and stopped by to speak with BYU’s student athletes, multiple sources confirmed to Vanquish The Foe. Snyder spoke to the the student athletes as part of a Q&A speaker series. He was accompanied by Utah Jazz owner and BYU Alum Ryan Smith. Teams that were practicing did not attend.

Quinn Snyder grew up in Mercer Island, Washington, 10 minutes from Newport High School where Mark Pope prepped at in Bellevue, Washington. Snyder graduated from Mercer Island HS in 1985 and Pope graduated HS six years later in 1991, but both coaches share the Seattle area connection. He also recruited BYU assistant Chris Burgess and while he was an assistant coach at Duke.

BYU guard Te’Jon Lucas said on his Instagram that Snyder shared a story of Pope doing a 360 windmill dunk back in the day.

Snyder could be doing the rounds at local colleges, but regardless it’s still great for the athletes to get a NBA head coach while they start or are preparing to start their seasons.

For the latest news on BYU basketball, you can get the most up-to-date look at BYU’s schedule here. BYU is close to finalizing its non-conference schedule, which I expect them to release next week sometime.