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BYU Basketball Big 12 Schedule Beginning To Take Shape

NCAA BASKETBALL: MAR 25 Div I Women’s Championship - Quarterfinals - UCLA v Mississippi State Photo by Scott Winters/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

BYU is about to begin its final WCC season when they open with Idaho State on November 7, but its inaugural Big 12 season in 2023-2024 is already starting to receive some clarity.

We already know some of BYU’s 2023-2024 non-conference games outlined below:

  • vs San Diego State (Home)
  • at Utah (Road)
  • vs SEC Team in SEC-Big 12 Challenge (both leagues will have 14 teams while Texas/OU are in the Big 12)
  • vs Big East Team, possible — The Big 12 will have 14 teams and the Big East has 11 teams, so three Big 12 teams will not be part of this.
  • 2 or 3 game Multi-Team Event — This year BYU is playing the Battle 4 Atlantis, one of the strongest multi-team events.

College Basketball insider Jon Rothstein reports that the Big 12 will continue with an 18-game league schedule. With 13 other teams while OU/Texas are in the league, BYU will play 5 of those teams twice during the regular season. One of those teams will reportedly be Iowa State.

I outlined at least 6 non-conference games above, 7 if BYU plays a Big East team. Teams are allowed to schedule 31 regular season games, so that leaves BYU with 6-7 games to fill in the non-conference. Most or all of those will likely be “buy” games at home to give BYU some easier games to work out the kinks.

In short, BYU’s basketball schedule in the Big 12 will be unlike anything BYU fans have ever experienced. You’ll have early season games with San Diego State and Utah and a non-conference tournament with 2 or 3 solid games. You’ll have a SEC team in the Marriott Center or on the road and possibly a Big East team — imagine, say, BYU hosting Missouri and travelling to play at DePaul.

Normally, that would set you up nicely before WCC or MWC play! But no, BYU now has to play 18 games in the most challenging conference in America. You could have a week where Kansas and Kansas State are in the Marriott Center. Next week you’re playing at Oklahoma and Oklahoma State. The week after you play at Texas and Texas Tech. Then you’re back in the Marriott Center with Cincinnati and West Virginia. And that’s just January.

You’ll have the same gauntlet again in February before going to Kansas City in March for the Big 12 Conference Tournament. It will be incredibly difficult, but it will also be a chance for BYU to compete against the best and see some of the best teams in the country play on BYU’s home floor every year. BYU has had one of the best home court advantages in the country as a WCC and MWC member — I’ve seen students camp out in the snow for a Thursday night game versus Pepperdine! The Marriott Center will go to another level with quality opponents EVERY game starting in January. As a fan I know BYU will have its lumps, but I am also incredibly excited for this new chapter.